Aug 07, 2018

Are your workplace walls crumbling around you?


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The workplace as we once knew it – the place where you go to work – has undergone a major change in the last decade. The large office buildings with floor upon floor of desk-bound workers, have been upgraded to colourful creative spaces and bespoke furniture, designed around specific employee tasks – the physical buildings now set-out to foster collaboration or concentration at any time of the day.

And actually, there’s more… Coffee shops, trains, departure lounges, kitchen tables at home. Your desk space is no longer confined to those large office buildings. It has moved, into the wild world out here. The mobile worker is on the rise, which only increases the need for collaboration devices, connected offices and unified communications technology.

Opening up the workplace to an ‘always on’ virtual space, challenges your workplace strategy as a business. To help your employees with this kind of seamless collaboration no matter where their workplace is, you need to come up with a strategy that meets your business. A reduction of desks, as ‘pods of people’ give way to huddle spaces perhaps? Whatever you decide, consider a balance of collaboration and quiet. Check our report for more inspiration in setting the scene for your workplace.

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