Aug 14, 2018

Styled for team work


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Work – how we see it and how we go about it – is changing.  The concept of each employee having ‘a job’ – in which they execute the same or similar tasks on a daily basis – is on its way out. Traditional modes of being ‘at work’ – clocking in, desk jobs, the 9-to-5 – are fading. Technology now connects businesses, ideas, people and places in ways many of us never dreamed of, and workstyle has evolved as a result. Keeping pace with lifestyles through holistic collaborative working has significant, untapped benefits for today’s enterprises.

These new ideas on ‘work/life balance’, project work and technology connecting people 24/7, bring about new ways of collaboration. How can tech can help people to naturally collaborate across all areas of their lives as work and life are increasingly converging?

Also, in the way businesses are structured, change is coming. The focus is less on hierarchies, more on an egalitarian atmosphere, which boosts spontaneity, adaptability, agility and the fast exchange of ideas. With the rise of ‘huddle spaces’ in offices, these spontaneous, small-group meetings, requiring the latest tech are no longer a thing of the future. 

If your business wants to attract the best talent, you need to provide a welcoming, creative, inspiring workplace – one that lets people work in a style they are comfortable with. Engaged and motivated employees are those with access to the right blend of technologies, and an environment that will set them free. Check our report for more inspiration to enable a more agile workstyle in your business.

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