Aug 16, 2018

Want less operator stress? Meet Emerson's latest solution powered by Barco OpSpace!


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When the work day includes managing data from many sources, it’s often hectic for everyone involved. The forward-thinkers at Emerson, in conjunction with Barco, Vertiv and Evosite, have launched the iOps Workspace Solution to make managing multiple information sources and inputs a breeze. It enables secure and better-connected control rooms, which improve efficiency, facilitate critical decision making by reducing human error and cultivate a less stressful work environment.

One mouse. One keyboard.

Emerson’s iOps Workspace is an integrated operations solution based on Barco OpSpace, which allows the operator to process real-time input from different sources—including third-party applications— at one single desk. Multiple screens display information from different inputs and these can be called into the main work area with just the click of a button. This means the operator only needs to log in once to work on many systems, easily and ergonomically, using just one mouse and one keyboard. One view. Total Control.

Secure. Safe.

Barco’s OpSpace provides secure access across multiple domains, integrating only at the presentation layer as the operator is completely separated from the back-end systems that host the content itself. This keeps the data safe and the system compliant with governmental regulations and corporate requirements.

Happy operators aren’t just more pleasant to be around, they’re also more productive. It’s a win for the workers and the company. 

See more about the iOps Workspace Solution here.

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