Sep 10, 2018

Barco Overture revolutionizes VIDELIO’s meeting room environment

Corporate and lobby

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Flexibility, remote access and usability
VIDELIO is a large firm operating in 30 locations across France. Every VIDELIO branch has a number of meeting rooms, which all contain different devices – displays, projectors and ClickShare devices – and hardware. “Our meeting rooms contain devices and hardware from different vendors and different users have different roles and permissions. We therefore needed a flexible AV control solution that can be easily scaled up or down depending on our needs – without huge IT costs,” explains Olivier Chaminade, Technical Director at Videlio-IEC. Remote access and an easy-to-use visual interface were just as important.

Saving time and money

Overture ticked all the boxes. Our monitoring tool now controls the equipment in 25 Videlio meeting rooms at VIDELIO’s headquarters in Gennevilliers (France). Bring-your-own-device functionality was implemented and existing in-room tables were configured in Overture.

“The remote helpdesk lets us see in real time how meeting rooms are being used, by whom, and via which devices. Alarm monitoring and problem resolution is a simple matter, even if our team is offsite,” says Olivier Chaminade. In short: Overture helps VIDELIO save huge amounts of time, while cutting costs.
That’s why the AV integrator is now planning the deployment of Overture at its facilities in Nanterres and Marseille, too.

Explore more about why and how VIDELIO uses Overture: watch the video and read the full story.

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