Sep 20, 2018

Barco F70-4K projector receives an honorable mention at the MS&T Simulation & Training Awards

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Every year, Military Simulation & Training Magazine holds awards to recognize excellence in the international defense community. The program showcases the people, products, processes, and organizations that provide exceptional value to military clients. There are five different categories:

  • Outstanding Innovative Product
  • Outstanding Service and Support Program
  • Outstanding Training Systems Integration Project
  • Small Business of the Year
  • Pioneer Award

In 2018, Barco nominated the Barco F70 4K6 projector for the Outstanding Innovative Product Awards.

The Barco F70 4K6

The Barco F70 is a laser-phosphor projector positioned as a price/performance leader, especially in demanding 24/7 training operations. With a lifetime of up to 60,000 hours, the F70 is one of the most durable projectors on the market. It offers exceptional image quality, trusted reliability, and dedicated extra features to fully immerse trainees in the simulated environments – on land, on sea, or in the air. The F70 is built on the proprietary Barco Pulse electronics platform, which is integrated in all new projectors from Barco. This powerful and flexible architecture allows for enhanced resolution, a range of control possibilities with an intuitive user interface, and advanced low-latency processing operations designed to take place in one single step – an absolute requirement in a real-time processing environment.

Close to 900 Barco F70 projectors installed  

Since entering the market in May 2017, close to 900 Barco F70 projectors have been installed for several prestigious programs in all segments of the training market across the world. The feedback from customers on the performance and the dynamic resolution compared with native 4K products has been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks to the unique processing that is performed within the electronic backbone of the projector – Barco Pulse – customers measure increased output resolutions up to 40% above WQXGA resolution. This proves that Barco’s Single Step Processing™ technology is capable of achieving image quality and performance just as impressive as a native 4K product in multi-channel, curved-screen setups – although at a much more affordable cost.

The Barco F70 has positive impact on the client’s “way of doing business”

Recently Barco was awarded a contract to supply 145 Barco F70-4K6 projectors to one of the most advanced simulation training programs launched in recent years. It was chosen due to its technical superiority and for answering the demands for extreme wide field of view, high resolution, laser-phosphor illumination, robustness and extreme reliability. 

"Barco worked closely with RPA to meet the needs of the end user, adding features needed to prove the F70 performance to a very discriminating customer over a wide range of operating conditions. RPA continues to evaluate the F70 in system on a daily basis as we progress toward complete systems ready for customer acceptance. The projectors have proven to be very capable of meeting the myriad requirements of our complex display systems, with Barco support readily available as we find areas where increased integration of the projectors with our display alignment tools provides for better overall system performance. We greatly value this level of support from our suppliers."
Rick Pray, President of RPA Electronics Solutions, Inc.

A clearly impressed jury

A panel of MS&T Editors reviewed and assessed the different nominations. For the Outstanding Innovative Product category, they looked for training and training-related products that advance military education, training or human performance. After reviewing the Barco F70 4K6, they were clearly impressed.

One of the criteria that the judging panel of MS&T’s editors assessed was its disruptive potential and how it could potentially impact clients’ or the industry’s “way of doing business”. The fact that Barco gives its partners access to an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables them to integrate their own value-add and management tools into the Barco Pulse software, means the integrator only has to do the development work once; their solution will then work with the entire new projection range of Barco – future proofing their investment and drastically saving on costs.   

The MS&T Editors rated the Barco F70 4K6 highly, rewarding the entry with an Honorable Mention. Barco is extremely proud to see their technology regarded so highly in such prestigious industry awards and thank MS&T Magazine for the acknowledgement.

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