Sep 20, 2018

Pair of Integrators Moderate Smackdown; Exciting Things Ahead!


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Two new episodes of AV Smackdown are available on YouTube, and feature a pair of well-known and respected integrators. Both the Derrick Kelly and Luke Jordan episodes are currently available on here. Don’t forget to like, share, comment and subscribe so you can be the in the know about bi-coastal tech talk with a punch.

Derrick Kelly brings up a topic he’s been hearing rumblings about; the necessity for 3rd party oversight for professional AV integrators. Is it even possible to oversee the AV industry? The guys discuss it in depth with Derrick, who currently serves as National Director of Technical Service Operations at Whitlock, a large video collaboration integration company.

Luke Jordan, Account Manager at Electro Acoustics and 2018’s Young Professional of the Year, moderates a discussion about company culture and its impact on successful integration. How can we continually get better at what we do? Who’s responsible when integration goes wrong? Luke talks about all this and more with the guys, and they give examples of situations where they witnessed substandard results and talk about its impact on the industry.

AV Smackdown has exciting times ahead!  Chris Neto is co-hosting the AV Mag Awards in London, alongside Tim Albright of AV Nation. There may be some exciting AV Smackdown news in the works for the London trip. Stay tuned the week of October 1 for more details on when the event will be available and when new special Smackdown episodes might crop up. 

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