Sep 26, 2018

Have a bigger impact in the meeting room, use TouchBack


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ClickShare is all about making your meetings simple and straightforward. But not all meetings are about giving presentations and starting with the click of a Button. Sometimes you meet to discuss, brainstorm, ideate, think and collaborate. And then a simple touch on the meeting room screen can be just what you need to speed things up and get that creativity flowing.

With the new ClickShare Firmware v1.6.1 for all CSE-200 and CSE-800 units, we’re introducing the Touch back functionality for your meeting and boardrooms

Control your laptop from any touch-enabled screen, and run any application you need for a better meeting! No need to go back to your laptop or use unreliable clickers to move to the next slide. Simply tap the screen to switch slides. And with a few touches on the screen, you can also open other presentations, share mails, start a video. Let’s step up collaboration and ideation in your enterprise with our free connectivity firmware release.

Check out the short demo video on how to use the Touch back functionality with a CSE-200 and CSE-800. Product manager Gauthier Renard shows you how simple this new feature really is.

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