Oct 01, 2018

Large ClickShare installs are a breeze with our eXperience Management Server


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Managing a large portfolio of ClickShare and wePresent devices can be challenging for an IT manager. With Barco’s Collaboration Management Suite running around from meeting room to meeting room trying to update all your units to the latest firmware was already a thing of the past. And now, we’re making central management even more simple and straightforward…

eXperience Management Server: unbox, connect, configure

The Barco eXperience Management Server (XMS) with preinstalled Management Software helps you save time, to help you focus on things that really matter as an IT-manager. The set-up of this preinstalled management server is a breeze. You just unbox the server, connect it to your network and start configuration. Get our central management solution up and running in no time.

You can monitor and update multiple units anywhere in your network, from any location. Schedule updates when it suits you, even after business hours. Check issues remotely and solve them quicker, consult a range of information, configure the company’s preferred settings and enjoy optimal, worry-free performance of all your wireless collaboration units.

Your gateway to the cloud (*)

With the introduction of this solution, Barco ClickShare makes its first steps towards a cloud portal for central management. Access your cloud dashboard for the status and monitoring of all your connected devices, next to the local dashboard you use for the maintenance and issue solving.

The swiftness and easy accessibility of our web-based solution, makes XMS a perfect ànd secure match for large, worldwide enterprises who have a large number of ClickShare and wePresent units installed.

Monitor units of your customers

The XMS allows integrators to view the units of their customers via the cloud portal and to even help and service customers with the real-time monitoring. We guarantee you the best possible ClickShare and wePresent experience, even remotely.

*: the XMS Cloud dashboard is in public Beta phase. It will be officially released in the next months

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