Oct 11, 2018

Bright: unleashing the hidden power behind the image

Radiology 2 min read last updated on: Nov 26, 2019

Innovation can only be truly relevant when it is closely related to the daily practices of the people that use it. And when the users are radiologists and security services, the role and impact of innovation can directly increase our health and safety.

Every few months, Barco gives an insight into the innovations and trends that are shaping the future of different sectors. The Bright articles are developed together with and made available to the subscribers of the De Tijd/Echo de la Bourse business magazines. The most recent ones – that focus on medical and control room operations - can now be found online at Bright.

Innovation and Artificial Intelligence

The rate of innovation in radiology is impressive. For example, radiologists do not pin x-rays to a light board to analyse them any longer. Scans are examined on screen, often using sophisticated 3D imaging to give a full picture of a patient’s condition. With the appearance of endoscopic robotic surgery, all the information regarding the complete anatomy around the ovary has also become important. For this, the new dermatoscope developed by Barco, is not just about detecting issues, it plays a key role in the subsequent treatment.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a recurring theme in Bright, as the article on Barco control rooms illustrates. The days of using CCTV just for fines are long gone. When combined with algorithms, screens can work autonomously and notify an attendant if something unusual arises.  This will free up resources and provide greater security for large events. AI is also making progress in the medical sector.

The articles offer our investors, customers and stakeholders a fuller picture of what we are doing what and how we are driving our strategic investments, as well as supplying material for our Marketing/Sales teams. Check the latest articles now.

See how Barco innovations are changing the medical and control room sectors:


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