Oct 18, 2018

Meet the Huddle space: small room, big benefits

Huddle Space

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Office buildings and designs have changed a lot over the past decades. We’re quite used to the large open floor plan spaces, natural light and plants, flexible and clean desks by now. To adapt even more the new, quick and swift way of working today, enterprises have recently started to introduce huddle rooms or huddle spaces. Brace yourself for a new way of meeting and collaboration.

"88% of global enterprises have at least one huddle space installed"
The Perfect Meeting Report, 2018 – Circle Research & Barco

What is a Huddle space?

A huddle room is a small meeting room, designed specifically for 2 up to 4 persons, ideal for short catch-ups, instant brainstorms, stand-ups, quick meetings or ad hoc calls.

This small space is not bookable, which makes it a very flexible and spontaneous solution for team collaboration. A quiet  meeting space, away from noise and distractions, where productivity is high and on-the-fly meetings give an immediate boost to team work.

The huddle space is designed around technology and is fully adapted to content sharing, remote and unified collaborative workflows.

Small room, big benefits

Collaborate better. with a small group. Huddle is a creative, flexible, straightforward and intuitive way of meeting with all the tech tools you need ready available.

Bring your own device. In a huddle space technology is perfectly adapted to work, sharing and presenting from your own devices, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Focus on what matters. This small, creative collaboration space is clean, clutter free and wireless. It doesn’t distract you and your team, and attention is fully on the topic of the meeting, call or conversation.

What are the tools of the perfect huddle space?

  • One table
  • Chairs (optional)
  • Small LCD monitor
  • Video conferencing solution
  • Wireless sharing solution
  • 2/3 employees say huddle spaces are the best office spaces for meetings

Huddle spaces stand for increased efficiency and productivity for small teams in today’s enterprises. They allow swift and agile ways of working, collaborative flows and intuitive, virtual workplaces. Looking to equip a huddle space in your company?

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