Oct 22, 2018

Barco’s OneBasket wins Prize of the Peers at the 2018 Procurement Excellence Awards

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Barco was one of four finalists honored at the 2018 Procurement Excellence Awards, held September 27th. The awards ceremony was run by VIB and Pascion—two esteemed Belgian organizations in the Supply Chain and Procurement world. They brought together the best minds in the industry to celebrate innovative contributions made in 2018—and those brilliant minds voted for Barco’s OneBasket. Barco brought home the Prize of the Peers, sharing the win with UCB.

A streamlined component library

With OneBasket, Barco transformed the way in which R&D engineers access the electronic components they need. In the past, the component library was always growing—it was clogged with too many components. Now, OneBasket delivers a lean library of only the most high-quality and innovative electronic components.

Engineers select components exclusively from this library. This is a win for R&D—it increases global knowledge sharing, produces higher quality designs and reduces design time. It also reduces the amount of unique electronic components by 70% and component costs by approximately 15%, increases buying power and raises the role of procurement in the company from an operational role to a strategic partner.

The project impacted about 150 staff members and suppliers. It ran for 1.5 years, during which changes were realized sustainably across three functions: Procurement, R&D and NPI services. There were 16 electronic design teams at 12 locations around the world that brought it to fruition. OneBasket was managed using the “Agile” project management methodology. Barco only recently began using Agile for these types of projects and it was a key contributor to this success.

A raving peer review

It’s a special honor for Barco to have OneBasket acknowledged by our peers. The voting audience was impressed by the magnitude of the change: OneBasket is a global evolution, with changes across different functions, locations and teams. They marveled at how much value was created by the project and the synergies generated between Procurement and R&D—achieving this cooperation is always a challenge. The bright minds on the front lines of such endeavors were really able to appreciate Barco’s triumph.

OneBasket is a raging success and Barco is proud to have captured the attention of our peers with this project. We can’t wait to wow them all again with our next innovative leap forward!

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