Oct 24, 2018

Happy Birthday Barco UniSee


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Today exactly one year ago, Barco launched Barco UniSee and revolutionized the LCD video wall experience. Let's look back at some of the highlights...

The treasure vault

Barco UniSee is not the first product that was labeled 'revolutionary' by its manufacturers. However, it can only be called truly unique if it is recognized as such by industry specialists as well. The proof for this? A bursting trophy case! Since its introduction, Barco UniSee has been lauded with 13 prestigious awards, including the very important Red Dot Design Award. Discover the product's complete trophy vault on the Awards page.

Over 160 installations, and counting

Barco UniSee's unique value, modular design and outstanding image quality impressed the press, magazine readers and other juries, but more importantly also partners and end-users. The result is a long list of successful Barco UniSee installations in multiple applications all over the world. One year after launching the LCD video wall platfrom, Barco UniSee supports the viewing experience in over 160 locations, including control rooms, experience centers, lobbies, broadcast studios, large meeting and board rooms, etc.! A number of reference stories have been published as a proof:

Teaming up with other market leaders

It is Barco's ambition to offer its customers an ever richer Barco UniSee experience. That is why we have allied with some top manufacturers to create extensions to the LCD video wall and consequently enriching the customer experience. From mounts over touch to trim solutions: discover it all on our ecosystems page.

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