Nov 14, 2018

See with stunning clarity

Medical Imaging & workflows

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Meet Barco's 4K surgical displays. Designed to display the best picture possible. Their performance has proven to be the best in terms of sharpness, contrast, and color - as well as design. We ensure no image details are lost during distribution from source to display. Because we control the entire imaging chain, we don’t need any special image-enhancing technologies. It’s how we help you see everything with stunning clarity.

Real-life anatomical images 

Barco surgical displays have a wide color gamut and offer advanced color calibration algorithms. This results in the most accurate color reproduction, from deep reds to the blackest blacks. What’s more, we make sure there’s no color shift off angle. So critical colors, such as yellows and reds, will always look how they’re supposed to, from any angle in the operating room.

A variety of inputs from different sources, whether new or legacy analog, static or dynamic, can be displayed simultaneously (PiP, PaP, quadview) for a flexible, comprehensive view of all information in the OR.

A unique design

Barco surgical displays are the safest choice. We literally thought of everything: from a cleanable, clutter-free housing design to a unique, automated failover system. 

Our latest 4K surgical display provides a double user interface for smooth control of screen and layout configurations. The horizontal lines give the display an exceptional look while also supporting better ergonomics and safety. A touch interface at the bottom can be operated without leaving fingerprints on the screen. The intuitive joystick control on the back of the display has a rubber finish to assure optimal hygiene. Add to this the neatly integrated cable cover and it’s clear to see how fine form meets function.

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