Nov 16, 2018

A vision to trust - in the dark of night

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The launch of the FL40 series, our brand-new projector series for the Training & Simulation market, includes the release of the FS40 - a special version for NVG training that delivers a vision to trust in the dark of night. This further expands Barco's projector range with IR-capabilities. The FS40 version is a hugely important product in the training and simulation market. Why? Because Military, Search and Rescue, and Emergency Services missions can happen any time, day or night. So your trainees need to be prepared to operate round the clock. Let's give a quick overview of 3 driving factors.

Training for night missions: a must!

There are many reasons why Night Vision Optics, such as Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) enabled projectors, are so much in demand. First of all, because so many tactical missions actually take place at night. For example Emergency Services are increasingly looking at the safety advantages of operating at night, aided by NVGs. Also military applications typically require NVG training as standard. It is important to prepare properly in the right circumstances, in an environment that simulates the field operation as close as possible.

Then there is also the importance of getting accustomed to the feel of working with NVGs. For instance in military you would use the same equipment in training as you would in a live mission. Being able to train and understand the limitations and possibilities when using NVGs is crucial, as improperly trained people can easily make wrong decisions – with severe consequences. Repeated training in an IR environment is therefore a must.

A third reason for the popularity of IR-enabled training projectors, is more practical: apart from it offering an extreme cost saving element compared with live training, it is simply more difficult to train in real-life at night. In addition to considerations of working hours, there are also legal objections against night training. Especially in flight training, with its inevitable noise pollution, this can be a very important factor for choosing simulated training.

FS40 projector for nvg stimulated trainingA dedicated range of projectors

The importance of IR-enabled training makes Barco dedicated to design and manufacture the right products for these applications. During daylight, trainees rely on their visual observation of e.g. the airspace and terrain for situational awareness. At night, trainees can enhance the external view using a night vision device. Our complete IR simulation projector portfolio is therefore capable of dawn, day, dusk and night training aided by NVGs. You can find a complete overview of the IR projector range on this page.

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