Nov 19, 2018

Let the world be your virtual classroom

Teaching & Learning

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Following an online course just got a lot more interesting... Bye, bye webinars with too many slides and muted micro. No more listening to the voice of a teacher in a country far, far away. And done with feeling all alone behind our laptop, with no possibility to ask the teacher or a fellow student for advice, let alone start a decent discussion in a chat session or enjoy the ambiance of a real classroom…

With Barco’s Virtual Classroom, the newest use case of the weConnect SaaS solution, remote higher education is more interactive and engaging than ever before. Business schools, universities and Corporate Learning Centers can offer a personalized learning experience not only to students within the walls of a classroom, but to students across the globe. In the Virtual Classroom teacher and students can easily see each other, discuss different types of content, ask questions and have animated discussions, all in an online setting.  

The next generation classroom

This brand new learning and teaching environment opens up the virtual distance-learning experience and facilitates live teaching to a remote group without ever losing their attention or lacking engagement. The teacher is giving a lecture in a unique broadcast studio where he sees his students on a set of screens, wherever they are in the world. He can share presentations and whiteboard content, start quizzes and polls.  Students can raise hands, ask silent questions, vote, participate in discussions, collaborate on content. Just as easy as in a traditional classroom. So, move over, webinar, enter the Virtual Classroom and let the world be your classroom.

IESE reinvents executive learning

At the IESE Business School in Barcelona, Barco installed the first next generation scalable and affordable virtual classroom enabling truly effective remote face to face learning. This Virtual Classroom is designed to host up to 80 people to connect in synchronous sessions from anywhere in the world, in high quality and with an audio-visual production similar to a broadcast production. 

Giuseppe Auricchio, director of the IESE Learning Innovation Unit confirms, “The Virtual Classroom allows us to overcome some of the more common obstacles in executive learning: namely, the time and expense involved with travel, which limits the use of face-to face learning. With the Virtual Classroom, we can now extend learning experiences over time, by blending face-to-face with online learning”. 

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