Nov 20, 2018

Don't just train your eyes


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Training for a mission can be difficult without the correct audio cues. At the I/ITSEC 2018 Barco booth (#849), we will demonstrate how improved sound can raise the quality of training, to a level only achieved when audio cues are totally integrated and aligned in real-time with visual cues.

Although so often ignored, audio cues are extremely important during field missions - and should therefore be an integral part of simulated training. In real-life, we perceive our world and surroundings through sound first, giving us a true 360 degree field of 'view' on our environment. Sound is a key information driver on where to focus our visual and an integral part of the decision making process. True-to-life audio cues heighten the realistic feeling of the simulation system and dramatically improve the impact of the training. Because there is so much more than reaches the eye!

Avoiding negative training

Training for a mission without correct and precise audio cues can fail to prepare the trainee properly for a mission and lead to negative training. The training environment is often incapable to provoke a natural response from the trainee and instead only focuses on the synthetic procedures and training goals. That can lead to a negative training mismatch between the real world and the synthetic environment, as trainees address these procedures without receiving the proper sensory input that they would receive in real life situations.

That is why Barco has introduced AudioCue, a high-quality object-based audio processing system for the Training & Simulation market. This solution provides the most advanced real-time rendering of sound. Depending on an object’s virtual location, Barco AudioCue renders sound on the spot, instead of mixing and delivering to a predefined channel/speaker. This generates audio cues from the exact location that the object should be relative to the trainee's position in the training environment. Conventional channel-based systems don't offer this level of precision or flexibility as the trainee need to be located in the audio sweet spot to get an optimized audio experience, making the training programs rigid and far less realistic.

The high-quality precise audio cues will allow trainees to pinpoint objects and occurrences before they are within visual range, with exact precision relative to the trainee’s position in the training environment, contributing to faster decision-making and a trained, educated reaction pattern when a situation is at its most critical state. The result is a system that increases the awareness and effectiveness of training, better answering the needs of a wide variety of training and simulation applications, whether it is for ground, flight, or healthcare training.

Do you want to know more about Barco AudioCue? Then meet us at I/ITSEC, and we'll tell you all about it!

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