Nov 21, 2018

What if there was no video integration solution like Nexxis?

Surgery 1 min read

Nexxis is a video integration platform specifically designed for the digital operating room and helps meet the most urgent needs of the surgical team. These are: precise images, efficient workflow, and maximum flexibility. In fact, you could see Nexxis as the cornerstone of any integrated, hybrid or interventional operating room.

So what if there was no video integration solution like Nexxis? First of all, it would take longer to prepare an operating room. Secondly, images would probably be compressed, in size and colors, which means loss of vital image details. Details that could make a real difference during surgery, where the images and displays are the eyes of the surgeon. Thirdly, you’d have to reinvest in new equipment, every time a new technology (for example 4K or 3D) is introduced to the OR. In short, without Nexxis, you’d end up with a lot more clutter, costs, and complexity in the operating room. 

Find out more in this video. It is the first of our What if video series, in which our product manager shares his insights in operating room matters. So watch this space and our YouTube playlist for more videos soon!

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