Jan 25, 2019

New ClickShare products open collaboration to every type of meeting


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Once you start using collaborative tools in meetings, it’s hard to go back. The spontaneous sharing of screens makes it really easy to compare ideas or data and quickly get to an understanding and decision. But companies sometimes hesitate about adding the necessary tools to smaller rooms. A new ClickShare product will now make this easier – while a second one increases the number of things that users can achieve. Both were recently unveiled at a webinar you can watch here.

clickshare cs-100 huddleSmaller groups, faster decisions

The ClickShare CS-100 Huddle was designed specifically for huddle and small meeting spaces. They can now also enjoy spontaneous, ad-hoc and swift content-sharing. This is ideal for short catch-ups or instant brainstorming with a limited group of people. They can now use the same intuitive collaborative experience in every type of meeting from a huddle space right up conference rooms.

New tools to boost exchanges

Clickshare cse-200+

With the ClickShare CSE-200+, participants can call on totally new features: annotation, blackboarding, touch-back and 4K support with every type of device. The integrated HD switch in the CSE-200+ model means that manual switching between wired legacy sources (such as cameras) and wireless content is no longer needed. More interactivity and feature-rich sharing enables people to reach outcomes more quickly.

Share your way

Alongside the existing app for mobile devices, ClickShare is launching a new App for PC and Mac. The combination of sharing content with both Button and App is an intuitive way of collaborating, enriched by power-user functionalities such as extended desktop, pause function, etc.

All ClickShare models now function both standalone and in a network, and can be remotely managed by the easy-to-use XMS. This offers the highest standards for security and the flexibility to reach the level of IT integration desired by the customer (standalone, network or hybrid setup).

More accessible, more flexible and more IT-friendly, ClickShare continues to reinvent meetings.

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