Jan 31, 2019

Meet the XT series: 27” LED tiles for 24/7 mission-critical operations

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On ISE (Amsterdam RAI, 5-8 February), Barco will showcase its new 27” Direct View LED tiles. The XT series is available with pixel pitches of 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9 mm, and is suited for many indoor applications – including corporate lobbies, broadcast studios, virtual reality and Pro AV installations, and control rooms.

A unique viewing experience

As you would expect from Barco, the XT-series offers spectacular visual performance, high reliability and great operating flexibility. Using our field-proven image processing solution InfinipixTM, the image quality is perfect in both maximum brightness and dimmed mode, and it is ensured to stay constant over time – a unique feature of Barco. With InfinipixTM, no image tearing or video hiccups occur with fast-moving images, resulting in a pleasant viewing experience.

Because the XT series is very robust, installers can work a lot more easily, which facilitates installation. These LED displays are designed for wall mounting, so they are fully accessible from the front – creating a shallow depth. Assisted Module Extraction makes sure that the tiles can be easily removed, for maintenance or replacement reasons.

Created for critical applications

XT series has a 16-9 aspect ratio

The great visual performance and high reliability of the XT series, enables it to be deployed in many different environments. Not only in the markets where LED is typically used – like Pro AV and Events – but also in mission critical environments. The XT series implements all necessary features to maximize uptime of the wall, including redundancy of both power and data. Users will also be notified upfront of any warnings or failures, so proactive measures can be taken in advance rather than facing sudden complete wall downtime.  

In control rooms for example, where uptime is of utmost importance, the XT series are a safe and future-proof choice. Also in broadcast studios, where a dead panel would ruin the complete experience of the viewers, these Direct View LED tiles are great as backdrops, day after day. Other application areas include virtual reality – where a LED wall creates a great surface to spectacularly present new car designs – and corporate lobbies.

Most common formats, in full

With each tile having 16:9 aspect ratio, it is natural to create native Full HD or UHD screens. This allows displaying video in the most common formats in full, without distortion or unused canvas. Introducing 4 models, with pixel pitches of 0.9, 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9 mm, the XT series offers customers the ability to pick exactly the size that best suits their application. For example, a 4x4 configuration of XT 1.2 tiles results in native Full HD resolution. With 16:9 being the dominant aspect ratio for video recording, PowerPoint slides and other content types, it just makes sense to have the visualization canvas have this size as well. If not, there will be black strokes of unused LEDs on either the top or the sides – or, if you want to spread it over the entire canvas, the content will be distorted.

Would you like to know all about the XT series? Then download the leaflet!

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