Feb 01, 2019

Lower TCO and less image interrupts thanks to new 80” RGB Laser rear-projection cube

Utilities and process control

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The bigger the better?

The larger screen size results in a lower cost per square meters/feet, and offers therefore a more cost-optimized video wall. On top of that, you also have fewer seams per surface area, which is for many applications in critical infrastructure markets, even more important. Although rear-projection cubes typically have smaller seams than tiled LCD video walls, the black raster can still be a burden to operators – especially when viewed under an angle. With an 80” screen, the image will look more balanced, with fewer interruptions.

All the advantages of lasers untouched

The new RGB Laser ODL-821 houses all the advantages RGB laser has to offer, but in a Full HD, 80” cube. This means you get high brightness, very long lifetime and reliability, great contrast ratio and low power consumption. The RGB Laser ODL-821 also features DisplayPort 1.2 connectivity support which means 4K@60 Hz loop-through is supported, so you only need one cable from the controller to the video wall to connect 4 cubes.


Is 80” better than 70”? No, it’s just different. Which screen size to select completely depends on your application and setup. If you want a larger screen for your money, you should go for 80”. But whatever you choose: Barco’s RGB Laser portfolio always offers the best image quality and the highest reliability, for many years to come!

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