Feb 11, 2019

Oxford University Hospitals and Barco team up to fight cancer


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Cancer conferences for quality care

Multi-disciplinary Cancer Conferences (also called Tumor Boards or Multi-disciplinary Team Meetings) are designed to ensure the best patient outcomes by bringing the clinical care team together to discuss diagnostic tests, suitable treatment options and treatment recommendations for each cancer patient. These meetings are also the most expensive meetings per hour in the NHS due to the wide range of experts involved, and the need to bring together a wide variety of information.

In order to help clinicians to get the most out of these meetings, we introduced Barco Synergi™. Nick Maynard, the OUH Lead for Cancer, comments: “We have worked with Barco to develop a tool that can collect and organize the information and data so it is easily presented and understood. It will also enable the rapid transfer, by automated electronic notification, of the outcome of the MDT discussion and decisions made to all staff involved in the patient’s care.” 

Huge efficiency gains

The Barco Synergi technology addresses the challenge of pulling together all the relevant patient case information for discussion during cancer conferences. The cloud-based software solution gathers all relevant patient data, documents the stage of the patient's tumor, and makes it easy to share this information with the entire care team. 

Maynard adds: “We believe this will lead to not only a significant improvement in the efficiency of the MDT meetings, but also a significant reduction in the time between referral of the patient and commencement of treatment. This tool also records and analyses MDT performance and outcomes in real-time, enabling us to identify service improvements rapidly.

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