Feb 25, 2019

Newest project in Atelier des Lumieres lets you walk inside Van Gogh's paintings

Themed Entertainment 1 min read

As the first digital art centre in Paris, established in a former nineteenth-century iron foundry that has been entirely restored, the Atelier des Lumières holds monumental digital exhibitions that immerse visitors in the pictorial world of the greatest artists. After the award-winning Klimt experience, visitors can now enjoy a unique exhibition on the impressionist art of Vincent Van Gogh. Next to the visual and musical journey through Van Gogh's masterpieces, there's an additional exhibition on the imaginary Japanese works that influenced the Dutch painter. In a second area (Le Studio) dedicated to contemporary works, visitors are left speechless with hypnotic images demonstrating the poetic beauty of the cosmos and the infinite.

Entirely immersed in the images and music, thanks to very large-format projection mappings that cover the 10 metre-high walls, the floor and the ceiling in high definition, the art lovers walk right inside the works. What they needed were projectors that deliver razor-sharp quality , require hardly any maintenance and are very reliable – a must as the exhibition runs 24/7. Having worked with our products before for previous exhibitions and other locations, Culturespaces, the company behind various digital art centre, was positively convinced to continue the partnership with Barco. About 140 Barco laser projectors are now used to depict thousands of extremely precise and detailed images on a surface area of 3,300 square metres.

The exhibitions will be running from February 22 until December 31 from this year. Go see for yourself why we're so excited about this project!

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