Mar 01, 2019

Distance learning demands a virtual classroom approach

Ellen Van de Woestijne in Education

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Barco’s Virtual Classroom, IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain

Virtual classrooms and distance learning are the future of edtech. Fueled by these 3 trends in higher education, the adoption of virtual classrooms is growing at a rapid pace:

  • It is an increasingly global and highly-competitive market, where Universities and Business Schools seek to attract the most able students from across the world*
  • Students are seeking a higher ROI from their education, and research their choices of institution carefully to determine the likely career outcome for their investment
  • A shift in the skills students need and companies seek for their future success, means that universities and business schools keep updating and innovating their offer

From on campus to remote learning

Distance learning for Higher Education

One way in which Business Schools and Universities are responding to these trends, is with remote learning. Distance learning overcomes the limitations of a campus and enables rapid growth in student numbers. It can be an appealing choice for students, in terms of both cost and convenience. And any learners, who have difficulty with physical access, are able to access the curriculum remotely.

In fact, in the last 15 years “enrollment in online courses has more than quadrupled in the U.S”**

At the same time, “MIT now offers a supply chain management degree with a portion of the curriculum online…..Arizona State University allows students to take the first year online as part of the Global Freshman Academy…. In both programs, students complete a portion of the degree online and then apply for the on-campus, full degree at a fraction of the price.” **

However, most distance learning is online and the benefits from interacting live with some of the world’s best teachers (and students) are lost.

How can we provide a richer, more engaging remote learning experience? Offer a virtual classroom

The distance learning experience should be more than an e-learning platform and a conference call.

The brand and prestige of a University or Business School brand are at stake. The remote experience should be as good as being in the lecture hall. The quality of the teaching and the student interaction comparable with the classroom.

Barco’s Virtual Classroom in action

Barco helped IESE Business School build a virtual classroom, focused on collaboration and engagement.

This 21st century learning experience is in some ways better than being there in person - a virtual classroom eagerly appreciated by both teachers and students.

In this way a virtual classroom becomes an engaging space, that fosters the highest quality learning and collaboration - a key asset and a competitive advantage for Universities and Business Schools in today’s competitive Higher Education marketplace.

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