Mar 14, 2019

All the questions you might have on the CS-100 Huddle


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We’ve just launched the ClickShare CS-100 Huddle, our huddle space collaboration solution. Want to know all the features, functionalities and practicalities of our newest model? With this set of questions, we would like to introduce you to all the ins and outs of the CS-100 Huddle.

What are the differences between the CS-100 and the CS-100 Huddle?

The launch of the CS-100 Huddle marks the introduction of the new ClickShare Desktop App in line with the latest meeting trend. Seamsless, fast sharing with the new ClickShare Desktop App is a perfect fit for this type of short, spontaneous meetings in coffee corners, huddles spaces nowadays. The hard- and software on the base unit of the CS-100 and the CS-100 Huddle is identical, so you can still buy separate USB-A or USB-C Buttons if this should be required.

Is the new CS-100 Huddle a new hardware product? Or is it possible to upgrade older CS-100 units?

Yes, your ‘old’ CS-100 unit now also features network integration thanks to the firmware update of Q4 2018. And you can use the Desktop App on both the CS-100 Huddle and the older CS-100. The hard-and software on the Base unit is identical, so both will exist next to each other.

How many ClickShare Buttons are delivered with the CS-100 Huddle?

The CS-100 Huddle is delivered without Buttons, since it has been built  especially for ad hoc, inpromptu meetings in smaller spaces or Huddle rooms. In these meeting rooms the Desktop App is used to share your content.

Buttons can be ordered separately both for USB-A or USB-C.

Are old ClickShare Buttons compatible with the CS-100 Huddle?

Buttons compatible with the CS-100 Huddle are the 3rd generation Buttons that work with the CS-100CSE-200CSE-200+ and CSE-800 as well. These have R9861500D01 as model number, on the back of the Button. Buttons with USB-C are always 3rd generation Buttons, these have T9861500D01C as model number. Older Buttons, with R9861006D01 as model number are no longer compatible with the current ClickShare portfolio and can only be used for EOL products CSM-1 and  CSC-1.

What is the advantage of using the ClickShare Desktop App next to the Button?

  •  It gives companies the freedom to choose how they want to allow sharing of content: via the Button or via the Desktop App.
  • The ClickShare Desktop App is especially interesting for internal employees, since it will require the installation of the app on the employee’s desktop. As for the entire ClickShare range, the Desktop App has been built to meet the highest security requirements, so the IT department can easily and securely roll the app out to the entire company. 
  • Users can get on the screen even faster.
  • With updates later this year, the Desktop App will become the driver for more collaboration in the meeting room.
  • The Desktop App has a number of power user features, such as extended desktop, pausing your presentation, etc.

Can I use the ClickShare Button and App together? Or do I have to choose?

Of course you can. You can use either the iconic ClickShare Button or decide to work with the ClickShare Desktop App. In a networked environment we suggest to go for an App- first deployment. The App will be available for download on from April 2019 onwards. Make sure to have firmware version 1.7 installed on your Base Unit to enable the best experience with the Desktop App.
Whereas in a standalone setup the Button makes sure your computer wifi is not solely used for screen sharing.

You can even use both together: get easily on screen with the ClickShare Button and use the app to use the power features such as pausing.

When can we order the CS-100 Huddle?

The CSE-100 Huddle is available for orders from April onwards.

When will the CS-100 Huddle be delivered?

Devices will be available for shipping in Q2 2019.

What does a CS-100 Huddle cost?

The CS-100 Huddle is available at 750 EUR/USD MSRP (excl. VAT, duties and freight). For the full product overview with prices. Explore

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