Mar 15, 2019

Barco UniSee. 500 days. 500 installations


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Yes, we’ve reached another milestone for Barco UniSee! The 500th installation of our innovative LCD video wall platform is now a fact – exactly 500 days after the product’s release. This means 500 customers can boast the most impressive visual experience possible on an LCD video wall. Some eye-catching installations per region have been listed for you below.

Greater China – The largest Barco UniSee installation to date: 72 displays in a 24x3 setup

The most impressive Barco UniSee installation can be found at the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company, where a flat 24x3 video wall demonstrates the Barco UniSee qualities: an impressive seamless viewing experience, perfect alignment of the entire wall combined with great intra- and inter-tile uniformity. This is not only the champion in number of Barco UniSee panels in one wall, but also in terms of width (measuring 34.4 meters/113 feet). By the way, the image below was made with a special effect to show the complete wall. In reality, the video wall is straight!


Americas – The highest Barco UniSee installation can be found at Fishtech Group's new Cyber Defense Center CSOC

There’s only one way to describe the massive 7x7 wall at the FishTech headquarters—absolutely stunning! Measuring 10 meters/33 feet across and standing 4.9 meters/16 feet tall, this very large video wall ensures cyber security for Fishtech Group’s customers. Want to see how this beauty came to life? Then watch the time-lapse installation video below!


Europe – Wowing visitors in the Davignon Centre for new leadership in Townhall Europe (Brussels)

This brand-new venue boasts cutting-edge technology, and is both a cool event space and an innovative leadership center. Located just a stone’s throw away from the European institutions in Brussels, it is a place for citizens, policymakers and thought leaders to discuss the big issues, think outside the box, accelerate engagement and collaborate to tackle today’s main challenges. A 4x3 Barco UniSee video wall in the venue’s main conference hall offers the required visual elegance to support the most interactive and collaborative meetings and conferences.


Asia Pacific – Yokogawa’s In-Space customer experience center

Barco UniSee was exactly the impressive tool Yokogawa, a leading provider of Industrial Automation and Test and Measurement solutions, needed to wow their visitors with high-resolution images, media files and presentations. The 4x3 video wall in their customer experience center now impresses visitors with impeccable images without the interruption of a seam, convincingly showing the company’s potential. Barco UniSee’s revolutionary mounting structure was a deciding factor for Yokogawa; it’s an innovative system that captures the power of gravity to perfectly and automatically align panels and keep them in place over time. This system makes installing bezel-less LCD video wall panels a breeze and keeps maintenance easy by allowing the swift undocking of separate panels without the risk of damages.


Barco UniSee delivers continuous, flawless images. We knew straight away this was the solution we were searching for.

Jonathan Chua Senior Marketing Manager, Yokogawa In-Space Committee

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