Mar 19, 2019

What if your hospital plans to expand and build new operating rooms?


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A few years ago, we launched a survey among OR managers and biomedical and clinical engineers. Almost 90% said that a good video integration solution should be future-proof. But what does that mean?

Scalable platform

First of all, the video integration platform should be modular and scalable so changes can be made without a huge impact on the OR. For example, when new imaging technologies come to the operating room, think of 3D, 8K resolution or BT.2020 video, you should be able to integrate these new devices quickly and without complex technical setups.

Our Nexxis solution for video integration uses a standard and flexible architecture based on unified fiber cabling, we can proactively install cabling so new imaging sources or devices can be added at any time. This can be done by simply adding a decoder or encoder. This way, OR upgrades run quickly with limited disruption.

Expand as you grow

Secondly, when a hospital is expanding, newly built operating rooms should be able to connect to the same video integration system. With Nexxis, you can simply add multiple operating rooms onto the existing network. This means that hospitals can rollout their OR infrastructure in a phased manner without changes to the existing infrastructure and without impacting the initial investment. To put it simply, a good video integration system comes without an expiration date.

Expert insights

Find out more in this video for insights in operating room matters by our OR expert. And watch this space and our YouTube playlist for more videos soon!

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