Apr 02, 2019

What’s new for ClickShare this spring?

ClickShare 2 min read last updated on: May 08, 2019

Let’s spice up your meetings with some extra ClickShare simplicity and ease-of-mind. Gear up your enterprise and collaboration solutions for the Digital Workplace!

  • Improved productivity with the release of our new Desktop App 

    Share content any way you want from now on. Present with the iconic ClickShare Button, share with software only or use a combination of both Button and software.

    We’re introducing the ClickShare Desktop App for PC and Mac to all your meeting rooms. devices.

    The combination of sharing content with both Button and App provides you the most intuitive and richest way of collaborating, enriched by power-user functionalities in the ClickShare App such as presence detection, extended desktop, pause function, etc. Make sure to have firmware version 1.7 installed on your Base Unit to enable the best experience with the Desktop App.


  • Enhanced security, performance and integration with IT friendly features in a new firmware release

    With this huge firmware release, ClickShare is adding a set of IT friendly features to the current models, making them a perfect fit to any enterprise environment.  They bring support for the Desktop App’s presence detection via Wi-Fi beaconing for seamless pairing and focus on security, easy management and seamless integration of the units in your network.

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  • The launch of the XMS Cloud Management Platform to manage ClickShare and wePresent units remotely

    For larger installs of ClickShare and wePresent units, the challenge is to easily maintain, manage and monitor devices, often distributed over a number of different buildings and locations. The XMS Cloud Management Platform allows IT managers to optimally and simply manage a large installed base of units from anywhere.

    A user-friendly device management, a guaranteed straightforward user experience and useful analytics to drive the Digital Workplace. To access the XMS Cloud Management Platform, a gateway needs to be installed in the company’s IT networks. Therefore we additionally offer the XMS Edge, a hardware appliance as single gateway to the Cloud and the XMS Virtual Edge, a free software download (OVA file).

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  • Updated services with the new EssentialCare for ClickShare

    EssentialCare is a service package designed by Barco to improve your service experience. It is available as a 5 year package to be sold with new ClickShare units at the time of sale, and as a 1 year package to extend the warranty of your legacy ClickShare installed base. EssentialCare means getting issues resolved faster and avoiding unexpected replacement costs for defective products.

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