Apr 05, 2019

UDX: Iconic projectors. Iconic locations.

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Since the launch of the UDX series in March 2017, the projectors have unleashed more than 50 million lumens on the business. Partners from all over the world have shown their trust in the revolutionary projectors for spectacular projections on some of the most iconic locations around the world. Join us in a trip across the continents with our unbelievable UDX!

Music was my first love

Thanks to its compact size and rugged design the projector is a favorite of organizers of some of the most legendary music events - indoor and outdoor.

The BBC Proms in the Royal Albert Hall in London, for example. Since its opening by Queen Victoria in 1841, the Royal Albert Hall has become one of the UK's most treasured and distinctive buildings and its stage has been performed on by the world's most famous artists. For the 2018 Proms, Barco's partner SFL created a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic light show to support the classical music compositions played by the Youth ensemble. The spectacular projection continued outside with an artistic façade mapping. It was the biggest audio-visual attraction ever attempted at the Proms, made possible by 20 UDX projectors. And it must have left quite an impression because SFL turned back to our 4K projectors for their next projects in the historic concert hall. 

Travelling to the more sunny shore of the Mexican Cancun resort beaches then, where Melody Maker is located. With artists like Tiesto, David Guetta and Paris Hilton, this is definitely the biggest party hotel of the area. The aim is to offer their guests an entertaining experience that never stops... So they took the party outside! Our partner NewMedia Creative Technology Studio provided them with 16 UDX projectors to illuminate the exterior, making it the first hotel with a giant permanent 3D mapping installation. Cool or what?

Believe the unbelievable 

Keeping up with the general technological trends, houses of worship are more often relying on audiovisual solutions to deepen the religious experience.

Dating back to the year 650, Jokhang in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, is considered the holiest temple in the region sometimes referred to as "the roof of the world". So we gladly accepted the challenge when our partner Landsky asked us if it was possible to help them with an inspiring projection for the square in front of the ancient Buddhist temple located at over 3,700m (12,000 feet) altitude. After some field tests it became clear the unbelievable UDX has no problem dealing with the combination of extreme high altitudes, low temperatures and low pressure.

Join the winning team

When talking about spectacular sports events, the UDX is your biggest supporter!

For the opening ceremony of the 2018 Invictus Games, a sports tournament for men and women who suffered life-changing injuries whilst serving their country, the organizers called upon our partner Technical Direction Company to create a memorable and powerful projection mapping on the iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House. Providing large-format 4K projection on unusual surfaces with an impressive brightness and colour fidelity even during an unexpected storm - the UDX delivered again.

Greetings from...

To conclude, the UDX has had the honour to be part of a number of temporary or fixed setups on well-established tourist locations in the world. Last summer, for example, they supported a visual spectacle in Grand Central Terminal, a historic New York City landmark. 

But our UDXs are also used to create new landmarks. The Xiahuayuan District in the city Zhangjiakou - former Royal Garden, coal-fired power plant and heat-generating unit - has recently been transformed into a new tourist attraction. The Ansheng Group decided on our projectors to broadcast a colorful 3D mapping show on the three cooling towers. The projections included a dragon that burst out of the tower, crumbling it to dust. With full colors, sharp images and seamless blending, it all looked authentic. But once the show was over, the tower was still standing there, as sturdy as ever, without a single dragon in sight.

UDX is back with more

The UDX series is the most compact, high-brightness laser projection platform with integrated cooling on the market. The projectors bring reliable and razor-sharp images to every type of event and venue. With our newest additions we are completing the offer to a wide audience of users.

From 20 to 40K. All up to 4K. All ready to roll.

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