Apr 15, 2019

Any doubts whether your business needs Barco UniSee?

Corporate and lobby

1 min read

Get them out of the way!

Barco UniSee is unique in the market. Since its introduction, Barco's revolutionary bezel-less tiled LCD video wall platform has convinced both critics and customers. Last month, we celebrated the 500th Barco UniSee installation. But what exactly is the key of the platform's success? In this article we describe the martket trends, the challenges for different applications, and the answers provided by Barco UniSee.

UniSee whitepaperNo bezel, a self-aligning mounting structure, 100,000 hours of operation in 24/7 mode, 95% uniformity, ... The advantages of Barco UniSee are well-known by now. This paper elaborates on how these benefits can help improve your business's operations.

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