May 07, 2019

Barco FL40 awes customers in the US

Simulation 2 min read last updated on: Nov 26, 2019

In early April, Barco together with partner 3D perception hosted an exclusive demonstration and knowledge-sharing event to showcase the new FL40 projector in Orlando, Florida.  As one of the largest U.S. hubs for simulation & training companies, Orlando was the perfect location to feed the simulation customers’ hunger for technical updates, discussion and demonstration of the capabilities of the new Barco FL40 projector.

FL40 and Barco Pulse - why it matters

After a presentation of the FL40 by Barco’s product manager, Sondre Fauskanger, 3D perception demonstrated their new WarpSync Direct™ tool. The WarpSync Direct™ interfaces with the FL40’s Barco Pulse software, thereby taking advantage of the projector’s built-in warp and blend functionality. The tool is an extreme value-add to customers as they can completely manage and maintain the visual display from one single interface without separate image processor hardware or IG-resident software. Sondre explains: "We also teamed up with visual systems expert FlightSafety International on the content and Image Generator (IG) side. Together we demonstrated how to use the native WQXGA projector to achieve powerful 4K imagery at 120Hz frame rate, something the market is asking for. This was achieved by conducting pixel-shifting on the IG itself, which is only possible thanks to the Barco Pulse software embedded in the projector." 

Resounding positive feedback

Various demonstrations were given showing the discussed benefits in side-by-side comparisons. As one attendee noted, “The ability to see motion blur side by side and optical blending was a win”.

Others followed: 

“Very impressive – enjoyed the smear demo.” - Ian Pratt, Sr. Engineering Manager, Collins Aerospace

“Good to see the FL40 in action.  It’s bright, uniform, and handled 4K/120Hz beautifully!" - RP Higgins, President, Electric Picture  

The attendees left the event wow’ed and more sure than ever that the new FL40 is the right projector for their current and future projects. 

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