May 14, 2019

Improved security and performance for wePresent users

Teaching & Learning 1 min read last updated on: Nov 26, 2019

Barco’s latest wePresent firmware includes updates that boost performance and counter security vulnerabilities. This way, presenters and participants can share content from their own device securely and efficiently for an unsurpassed user experience. 

New feature set and security upgrades

“Barco is improving its secure development lifecycle process, which means we focus on detecting security issues as early as possible in the development lifecycle to apply a proactive approach”, says David Martens, Product Security Architect at Barco. “Today, a minority of our customers have upgraded to the latest wePresent firmware. We advise all of our other customers to use the latest firmware (download here: WiPG-1600W, WiPG-1000, and WiCS-2100) for the best performance and protection.” 

“We recently introduced a range of software updates for our entire wePresent product line,” confirms Jeremy Teng, Product Manager at Barco. “These updates contain important security patches (following a responsible disclosure process initiated by the security company Tenable) as well as new performance features. We’re also planning a new release which will further boost the user experience.” 

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