May 27, 2019

Can I use the ClickShare Desktop App on my current ClickShare units?


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Yes, you can!

From now you decide how you want to share with ClickShare. Present with the iconic Button, collaborate with the Desktop App or use a combination of both for richer collaboration.

ClickShare presents a Desktop App for PC and Mac alongside the well-known ClickShare Apps for mobile devices (both Android and iOS devices), for the entire current ClickShare portfolio.

Share with the ClickShare Desktop App on these units:

  • CS-100
  • CS-100 Huddle
  • CSE-200
  • CSE-200+
  • CSE-800

Get started with the ClickShare Desktop App

Step 1

Make sure to have firmware version 1.7 installed on your Base Unit.

Updating your ClickShare can be done in multiple ways. The easiest way is to activate the auto-update function on your Base Unit by hooking the unit onto the network. Other options include updating a series of ClickShare units via the XMS Cloud Management Platform, updating via USB, or connecting to a laptop to upload new firmware.

Download here 

Step 2

Download the ClickShare App for free from, and you are ready. You don’t need administration rights to install the App and you don’t need any training to start using it.

Step 3

Sharing content with the ClickShare Desktop App is intuitive, secure and easy. You enter a meeting room and the smart presence detection of the App immediately presents you a list of nearby meeting rooms. You select the meeting room that you are in. And the App will connect to the meeting room screen within seconds.

Combine Button and App to share content for the most intuitive way of collaborating, enriched by power-user functionalities in the ClickShare App such as presence detection, extended desktop (on Windows, when Extension pack is installed), pause function, etc.  In the future, much more functionality will come to the app, which can be unlocked by simply clicking the menu icon. Stay tuned!

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