Jul 24, 2019

All about the ClickShare Button

ClickShare 4 min read last updated on: Nov 14, 2019

The ClickShare Button revolutionized content sharing at the launch of our wireless presentation solution. After all these years the iconic Button is still the best known way to share content on any meeting room screen. Recently new ways of collaborating were added and now ClickShare offers 3 additional software based options for richer content sharing and collaborating (Desktop App, Mobile Apps and screen mirroring). You see, with ClickShare, the choice to collaborate in any meeting room using software or hardware is entirely up to you!

Discover our USB-A Button

Discover our USB-C Button

What are the unique features of the ClickShare Button?

  • Intuitive user experience in all meeting rooms
    Share in a straight-forward and intuitive way. The Button and Desktop App are perfectly complementing each other in any meeting room.
  • Fast on screen
    With one click on the Button, you get on screen in seconds and start collaborating.
  • Secure and certified

For ClickShare the highest security standards are used and the products have received the ISO27001 certification.

Why use the ClickShare Button?

  • It gives your company the freedom to choose how you want to allow sharing of content: via the Button, the Desktop App or both.
  • Especially interesting for guests, since no software needs to be downloaded or installed on a device before use.
  • The Button doesn’t interfere with the internet connection. If the device’s Wi-Fi would be connected directly to the Base Unit, it would no longer be possible to consult or use anything requiring an internet connection.

Using the ClickShare Button and Desktop App together! No need to choose…

You can use either the ClickShare Button or decide to work with the ClickShare Desktop App. In a standalone setup the Button makes sure your computer Wi-Fi is not solely used for screen sharing. Whereas in a networked environment we suggest to go for a Desktop App-first deployment.

You can even use both together: get easily on screen with the ClickShare Button and use the Desktop App to use the power features such as presence detection, pausing.

How to use the ClickShare Button?

Step 1: Pair the Buttons to the Base Unit

To ensure that your content is displayed on the right screen, every ClickShare Button is paired with a ClickShare Base Unit. The pairing process is quick and simple, so ClickShare Buttons can be transferred across meeting rooms without a problem. Multiple ClickShare Buttons can be paired to the same ClickShare Base Unit.

With this security feature you ensure that your Button will only work with a specific Base Unit. Pairing also updates your Button to the latest Button firmware (if the Base Unit is connected to the internet). There are 2 ways to pair Buttons with a ClickShare Base Unit. 

To pair directly on the Base Unit:

  1. Plug the Button into the Unit. When you want to pair a USB-C Button, you need a USB-A adapter.
  2. Wait until the LED strip stops flashing. 
  3. Finally unplug the Button. 
  4. It’s now ready for use. 

Next to this you can pair Buttons remotely, using the free Button Manager software.

Step 2: Use the Button to share

  1. Plug the Button – a USB device (either USB-A or USB-C) - in your laptop.
  2. When the LED strip on the Button changes to static white, it is ready to share. 
  3. Click, the LED becomes static red and the content of your screen is now on the meeting room display.

Recently Microsoft has added a driver package for ClickShare devices to their Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 Update. Upon first use, a driver is automatically downloaded and installed, so you can start using the Button at once. Make sure your laptop has internet access so the driver can be downloaded without issues. The ClickShare executable starts automatically for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 devices, making sharing with ClickShare truly plug & play.

Mac users still need to run a small executable file to activate the ClickShare Button. This can be done manually every time you plug a ClickShare Button into the USB port. Go to the USB drive and launch the ClickShare for Mac executable. Or, run the executable automatically, if you install the ClickShare Launcher service. This is part of the ClickShare extension pack and can be downloaded via https://www.barco.com/en/support

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