Jul 29, 2019

What is ClickShare adding in the 1.8 firmware release?

ClickShare 2 min read last updated on: Jul 01, 2020

With this important 1.8 firmware release, ClickShare is adding a set of highly anticipated features to the ClickShare portfolio to both improve the user experience and to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

What can you expect from this firmware release?

  • Support for Windows Driver for the ClickShare Button, certified by Microsoft 
  • Split of Button network integration and Base Unit Wi-Fi in the settings pages, offering more flexibility
  • Prevent laptop going to stand-by while sharing
  • Buttons sold with CSC-1 or CSM-1 will no longer be supported on CS(E)-range
  • Specific features for CSE-200+:
    • Dual network mode (Ethernet + Wi-Fi)
    • Wireless client mode (network connection/integration over Wi-Fi) 
    • Miracast R2
    • Extra 5GHz Wi-Fi channels for the Buttons: DFS on EU SKU

What is a Windows driver?

A driver is a software component that allows communication between the operating system and a connected device.

A Windows driver package includes all the software components that you need to ensure that your device is supported by and works well with Windows.

Windows driver support for ClickShare

Recently Microsoft has certified and added a driver package for ClickShare devices to their Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 Update. This means that users no longer need to run an executable file before starting to share with a ClickShare Button (either manually or automatically via the ClickShare Launcher as part of the Extension Pack). The driver will be installed via a Windows update and the ClickShare executable now starts automatically for Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 devices. When a user plugs in a ClickShare Button, he can share content within seconds on a meeting room screen without any required action, making sharing with ClickShare truly plug & play.

In fact plugging in a ClickShare Button will be similar to plugging in a USB-mouse or pointer. Upon first use, a driver is automatically downloaded and installed, so you can start using the mouse, pointer or Button (in this case) at once. Make sure your laptop has internet access so the driver can be downloaded without issues.

It is necessary to run the latest firmware on your ClickShare device to experience the benefits of the Windows driver functionality. Let’s get you started. Ideally, connect your Base Unit to the network and enjoy worry-free automatic updates.

No more hassle, schedule automatic Firmware updates for ClickShare

When you have chosen for the ease-of-use and efficiency of ClickShare in your meeting rooms, you want to enjoy the unique user experience for a long time. So always make sure to keep your Base Units up-to-date and upgrade them with the latest version of the Firmware.

Make your life easier, simply hook the ClickShare onto the network (with internet access) and enjoy worry-free updates (auto-update is on by default). With the wireless client mode functionality on the CSE-200+, you can now enjoy this functionality even without requiring a network drop in the meeting room.

How to?

Updating your ClickShare can be done in multiple ways. Easiest way is the auto-update function on your Base Unit activated when you hook the unit onto the network. Other options include updating a series of ClickShare units via the XMS Cloud Management Platform, updating a unit via USB, or connecting to a laptop for uploading new firmware manually.

How to update your ClickShare

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