Nov 01, 2019

Fujifilm Healthcare Experience Mexico

Medical Imaging & workflows 2 min read last updated on: Nov 11, 2019

Fujifilm México, along with their top partners, organized the “Fujifilm Healthcare Experience” for the first time in Mexico.  The event introduced healthcare specialists to new medical technologies and equipment in the industry. 

Highlights of the event were new diagnostic technologies, focusing on equipment to make breast and gastric cancer diagnostics easier and more accurate, and technology that promotes early detection of the flu virus. Barco participated in the event showcasing more than 10 displays, including Coronis Uniti 12MP, that support prevention and detection of multiple diseases.

Medical specialists like Dr. Victor Gallardo, shared the importance of Fujifilm’s Eluxeo® technology and how it contributes to early detection of pre-malignant diseases. “In endoscopy, seeing more means a better diagnostic and more accurate diagnostics”, says Gallardo. 

Dr. Yolanda Villaseñor from the Nacional Institute of Cancer (INCan) also presented on the importance of technologies like tomosynthesis, for the early detection of breast cancer. “A mammography with tomosynthesis can give an earlier detection and help to save more lives if the appropriate technology is used”.

Barco was proud to partner with Fugifilm in this event, allowing our teams to demonstrate how Barco solutions contribute to these advancements in medical technologies.

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