Nov 21, 2019

Barco Residential wins an IoT Integration Award

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Barco Residential has won an IoT Integration Award presented by CE Pro, Commercial Integrator and Security Sales & Integration!  The Internet of Things (IoT) award represents direct integration of physical devices and other items into computer-based systems, resulting in efficiency improvements, economic benefits, and reduced human intervention. 

The Barco Pulse Projector Software Platform won the award in the Residential audio/video category.  Pulse is the new hardware and software platform inside our projectors. Every new product will use the core from Pulse, meaning the user experience for a customer will be the same every time.

The platform allows remote troubleshooting of all supported products. You can upgrade the product to a deep level with new features, functionality or improved picture quality and the web interface gives the integrator access to the projector from any device remotely. The Pulse Projector Platform provides custom integrators a unique unified user experience across projector models that allows an unprecedented level of remote control over the projector from the best seat in the house, or from any remote location, to be able to truly finetune the best level of performance for their customers’ high end home theaters and media rooms

Barco is honoured to have received this award as it highlights the best IoT products on the market based on value, ease of integration and more. 

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