Nov 28, 2019

Full reporting on all your meeting rooms with Overture Insights

Workplace 1 min read last updated on: Jun 11, 2020

Overture is rapidly expanding its capabilities! Soon after the release of the Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) application, Barco’s A/V control and monitoring solution now introduces Overture Insights. This new application enables facility/IT staff and AV managers to keep a close eye on the way their meeting rooms and equipment are used. With this information, they can take the proper actions to optimize their return on investment. Managed Service Providers, on their part, can further confirm their true customer trusted advisory role to make appropriate recommendations to the benefit of their customers’ meeting experience.

More insights on usage

Overture Insights allows the user to compare room usage frequencies and duration against AV device usage, in order to determine which rooms attract more meetings. These findings can then be compared month by month to see if certain pattern changes occur. In this way, you can make better decisions on next investments in meeting room equipment.

Using the reports to take the right corrective actions

With Overture Insights dashboard you can create the report widget that is relevant to you!

Maybe you are wondering if all booked rooms are effectively used? Then use Overture Insights to compare room booking versus room usage. Most of the discrepancies are either bad planning by the meeting organizers, or lack of a clear process in freeing bookings if a meeting is cancelled. Using the data from Overture Insights, you can suggest creating an appropriate plan of action.

Check if devices are powered on when rooms are not in use

If you have children, you probably tell them to switch off the lights on a daily basis. So why power meeting room equipment when it is not used? Using Overture Insights, you can promote energy saving plans based on true information. The application allows you to understand how rooms and devices are used. This information can be used to automate certain actions like powering the rooms on and off using a schedule.

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