May 15, 2019

Why is ClickShare a perfect match for IT

ClickShare 2 min read last updated on: Jul 13, 2020

Our wireless collaboration solutions are secure, easy to manage and performant. Thanks to a specific set of features designed to match the needs of your IT department, ClickShare is sure to boost business efficiency and performance. When you invest in ClickShare, you prepare your enterprise for the Digital Workplace. No need to invest in training for employees, getting rid of clutter and cables and freeing up time for more urgent IT projects, ClickShare stands for …

Security on all levels

  • 3 levels of security: configure the ClickShare devices according to your organization's need
  • ISO27001 certification: both data and security in design and processes for ClickShare are handled within the aspects of this industry standard process
  • WiFi security: WPA2 personal & enterprise
  • encryption of all levels
  • secure authentications

All you need to know on ClickShare security: read more

Boosting meeting room performance

  • advanced interactivity features
  • high media quality 4K (on CSE-200+ and CSE-800)
  • best in class performance for speed in BYOD sharing
  • ClickShare Desktop App for roll-out on all enterprise laptops

Bringing ease of management

  • automated free firmware update
  • dual network capabilities
  • easy configuration
  • smooth remote management with XMS cloud management platform
  • supporting different network protocols (SNMP, SSDP)
  • seamless integration in your network
  • you decide how to integrate: standalone, ethernet connection, fully networked integrated, separate network integrated


Which ClickShare product can be your perfect match?


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