Dec 18, 2019

Improved security and cool new functionalities with ClickShare firmware 1.9.1

ClickShare 2 min read last updated on: Jul 01, 2020

With this release ClickShare gives you improved user experiences, increased security and additional features.

What can you expect ?

  • Button or App? It’s exactly the same intuitive, seamless collaboration experience
    • ClickShare Desktop App available on the ClickShare Button from now on
      • Application sharing: share a single application, while working or taking notes
      • Go to to download the Desktop App or access via the Button
    • BYOD improvements
      • Bluetooth discovery for Apple devices: no more issues with routing Airplay on your network with CSE-200, CSE-200+ and CSE-800
      • Miracast MICE on the CSE-200+: sharing over the company network next to P2P connections
  • Nobody sharing in the meeting room? Use the ClickShare HDMI input with a signage player when in screen saving mode
    • Simply connect a room pc or signage source via HDMI
    • Easily configure the time to launch your screensaver in the ClickShare Configurator
    • On CSE-200+ and CSE-800
  • Installing a video wall like Barco UniSee? CSE-800 is the simplest way to use span mode via the layout manager
    • Merge two HDMI outputs into a single 2x4K canvas
    • Enable in the ClickShare Configurator
    • On CSE-800
  • Step up  ClickShare security  
    • Our products are designed with security in mind.This update addresses a set of vulnerabilities discovered by Finnish company F-Secure through ethical hacking. Read more

Make sure to have the latest version of XMS (Cloud) Management Platform installed, to enjoy hassle-free managemnt of your install base:

  • Updates in XMS (Cloud) Management Platform include
    • View insights in full screen mode
    • Print reports
    • Improved security
  • Updates in XMS (Virtual) Edge in offline mode include
    • Configure Button integration into the corporate network
    • Improved performance when managing install bases

We advise our customers to update all their ClickShare systems to this latest firmware update as some security vulnerabilities have been patched.

Download latest firmware 

How to get this functionality?

It is necessary to run the latest firmware 1.9.1 on your ClickShare device to experience the benefits of the added functionalities. Let’s get you started.

Ideally, connect your Base Unit to the network and enjoy worry-free automatic updates. Moreover, managing your ClickShare units can be centralized by making use of XMS, which also has the cloud component.

Evidently manually updating your firmware is also supported. Download the firmware on our website and follow the instructions in the ClickShare Configurator. Read on for more help.

Need a hand with the upgrade?

We can guide you through the entire process. Book an online session with a ClickShare specialist today.

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