Nov 20, 2019

Barco to Attend I/ITSEC, the Largest Modeling, Simulation and Training Event in the World!

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On December 2, Barco will be at I/ITSEC, the largest modeling, simulation and training event in the world.  The annual conference takes place in Orlando, Florida and brings international attendees from a range of industry sectors including military, medical and academia to share information and showcase the latest in simulation and training.

Barco will be introducing also this year new products to the simulation market, including a new addition to our F70-series projectors powered by Barco Pulse image processing. The F70-4K4, is a 4K Lumen addition to our flagship F70-series, and comes with improved performance for fast moving content, as well as improved color-to-white ratio, intended for high-demanding applications.

Barco product experts will be demonstrating cutting-edge direct view LCD and LED technology.  For the first time, we will be introducing Barco UniSee, our newest bezel-less LCD product, as well as our Barco XT Series LED with Infinipix® image processing for unmatched performance. Highlighting what sets Barco apart is our unique and flexible image processing solutions that drive all Barco products.  Our “power within” is what makes us unique and is the common denominator across all our product categories.  These performance-leading solutions deliver stunning image quality for training and simulation market requirements.

Collaborating with several partners, show attendees will find more than 30 projectors in partner booths throughout the conference center.

We would like to give our thanks to all our partners on the floor this year; NTSA (the I/ITSEC organizers), Immersive Display Solutions Inc., Zedasoft, project: syntropy, QuantaDyn, Collins Aerospace, DisTI Corporation, GBVI and Treality.


All Barco Products On Show in booth #1338: 

  • The rock-solid and powerful Barco FL40-4K LED projectors powered by Pulse image processing solution. Demonstrated in a partial dome configuration (Aurora) from 3D perception featuring scenes from FlighSaftey International Vital 1150 IGs
  • Barco 0.9 and 1.5 XT LED walls powered by Infinipix™ image processing solution demonstrating Barco’s fast movement compensation solution with content from Epic Games’ Unreal Engine
  • Barco UniSee, our bezel-less, LCD wall powered by Barco Connect image processing solution. Demonstrated with content from Bohemia Interactive Simulations using their VBS Blue IG

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