Jan 31, 2020

Barco first runner-up for Business Agility Award

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AgileNCR is an annual two-day conference in India bringing together over 250 delegates from more than 75 technology companies to address the growing need for adoption of fast-paced agile software development. The conference organized by Xebia, a next-generation digital transformation and global IT company, and Agile enthusiasts of the region provides a platform to learn best practices and explore new ideas and trends on evolving technology. For the recent 2019 edition AgileNCR also introduced the Agile Awards, the first of its kind in India and across the globe. And Barco proudly took one of those awards home!

The Agile Awards are, as the name suggests, all about agility. They are designed to recognize innovative companies that are not afraid to embrace change or use alternative approaches to improve their methods, create added value for the customer and generate an increased ROI. For 2019, the theme of the awards was Digital Transformation Excellence.

As Barco, we have entered our software development team GEAX, which stands for Globally Empowered to Accelerate Experiences. With agility and diversity at their core, our software teams are combining their efforts internationally and cross-divisionally towards a more customer-oriented strategy. A thriving and efficient business starts with getting in touch with end-users to see their real needs. The number one goal is to create with and for our customers.

The nominations were assessed by an international jury, and Barco’s GEAX transformation journey was declared first runner-up. Barco has received this award on account of our dedication and innovation in addressing the customer’s needs. The jury recognized the synergy displayed as a global team with different Barco locations joining hands in this transformational journey.

Jan De Witte, Barco CEO, reacts: "We are honored with this award and are convinced, now more than ever, to keep agility high on the agenda for 2020. Leveraging on the connection with the industry and our current knowledge, we strive to further improve our customer centricity and create impact through a powerful ‘hardware + software + services’ proposition."

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