Feb 05, 2020

LED XT series: find the right fit

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Last year, Barco claimed a renewed focus in high-res LED technology with the launch of the premium XT series and the announcement of a strategic partnership with Chinese LED manufacturer Unilumin. Today we introduce an extended offering with five new models addressing a variety of indoor LED applications.

Our core range XT series is designed to provide premium visuals, high reliability and great operating flexibility. With a brightness of 800 nits and pixel pitches from 0.9mm to 1.9mm, these LED tiles offer premium quality for a broad range of audiences and a wide range of indoor LED applications. The field-proven LED image processing solution InfinipixTM promises unmatched constant performances under all circumstances. And the unique EssentialCare service package offers full peace of mind with up to seven years of batch compatible replacement.

The same but different

While the new XT-E and XT-HB build on the same USPs, they are set to meet the variable needs in Barco’s targeted core segments, i.e. control rooms, television studios, workplace and 3D visualization.

XT-E series

Our entry-level range (600 nits), including tiles with 1.2, 1.5 and 1.9mm pixel pitches, is the perfect fit for those who want a Barco quality product but don’t need all the extra’s.

XT-HB series

The XT1.9-HB and XT2.5-HB, our high brightness range going up to 1500 nits, are especially developed for large, bright spaces like lobbies and experience centers.

Let’s talk LED at ISE 2020

Barco LED is a reliable solution fit for all your indoor LED applications. There’s an XT solution for everyone!

Visit us at ISE 2020 in Amsterdam (February 11-14) to see our full LED range in action. And don't hesitate to reach out to us to find a tailor-made solution for your unique LED project.

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