Feb 07, 2020

Stream me up, Scotty – swift and secure content sharing beyond the control room

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25 years ago, you needed to be positioned behind your desk to answer a phone call. But the world has become mobile since then and today we can communicate freely in many different ways, wherever we are. Then why would reviewing content and making decisions be confined to the control room? That is why Barco launches SecureStream, a new and user-friendly media streaming solution that enables sharing content with field staff or remote experts. By simply dragging and dropping video or data sources into such a SecureStream channel, control room operators can easily inform and consult external stakeholders. In this way, authorized external people get a complete situational overview, contributing to better and faster decision-making.

SecureStream is easy to use for both the control room operators and the external stakeholders. The operators can use SecureStream’s integration with CMS (Barco’s control room management suite) to swiftly share content in a channel. This can be video, data, or even a CMS perspective (a group of content that logically belongs together). The receiver uses a web browser on laptop or mobile phone to view this content. It’s simple for everyone involved.

Designed with security at the heart

This simplicity of operation does not conflict with the solution’s security! SecureStream was designed with safety at the heart. The system uses both on-premise and cloud technology to stream the content to the receivers. This hybrid on-premise and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) configuration helps to lower the risk of intrusion on the enterprise network, maximizing security. Because this is a one-way system (only streaming from inside the organization to outside), there is no need to open the enterprise’s firewall to allow inbound remote connections. All services are thus delivered over encrypted outbound-only connections, fully based on proven industry standards. Furthermore, all remote access is managed at an off-site secure entry point.

Don't miss the SecureStream demo!

SecureStream will be showcased for the first time at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) tradeshow at the Amsterdam RAI, from 11-14 February 2020. Redeem your free ISE ticket using our access code 703630. You can find us in Hall 12, at Booth F120.

You can also try out SecureStream yourself! Scan the QR code and check the traffic footage we're streaming out live from of our Barco Experience center control room in Belgium. Or click here.


This small video shows the logic of a SecureStream channel. The content (in this case a CMS perspective) is shown on the large video wall, and from the operator position it is dropped into a SecureStream channel. The generated website can be opened in a standard web browser and viewed on a mobile phone.

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