Feb 28, 2020

Building the human firewall

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Cyber security threats have become the new normal and demand the ongoing attention of today’s IT departments. However, to stay safe in the digital world, we should not count on our IT department alone. Maintaining a good personal cyber hygiene when working or meeting online is a job for everyone.

More and more businesses are moving their services to the cloud, with the intention to communicate, share, and perform business transactions much faster and more easily. Barco also caters to that trend, with solutions like ClickShare Conference, which makes it easier than ever to connect and collaborate remotely.

But every story has a flip side. With increased comfort comes increased risk. Cyber threats have become a daily given. Offering customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders a safe environment to do business in will be a basic condition for success. This includes a strong corporate IT and safe products to work with. But there’s more.

The human firewall

A robust security system contains more than just hardware or software. Companies today need to build a “human firewall” and empower their teams to always be aware of cyber threats and act according to best practices.

Maintaining a good cyber hygiene will already get you far. Are you collaborating or conferencing with your colleagues? Then these three basic tips will help you keep it safe.

  1. Make use of a safe network
    This might seem obvious. However, remote workers often rely on mobile devices and unsecured wireless networks, for example from hotels or public places. Needless to say that this overrules any security protocol you might have in place on your own devices.
  2. Use strong passwords
    Come up with strong passwords when you are using your teleconferencing software or hardware. A strong password contains a long, complex series of characters.
  3. Perform your updates
    Performing software updates makes sure you always have the latest product features and you can meet and collaborate safely.
    With ClickShare for example, Barco has made it as convenient and user-friendly as possible to stay up to date. When you enable your ClickShare system to receive Barco’s automatic updates, you are setting a big step towards safety.

For the smoothest and safest ClickShare experience, we strongly recommend updating your ClickShare units to the latest ClickShare firmware. Get your update now.

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