Jul 06, 2020

Live ClickShare Conference demo’s for EMEA customers

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From now on you can join our weekly, live demo sessions and deep dive into the possibilities for wireless collaboration & conferencing in your company with ClickShare Conference. See how we can help you with enabling better virtual meetings in your workplace.

  • Weekly sessions on Wednesday
  • 2 different time slots
  • In your local language
  • Register with just one click


Not only your business has changed, the way you meet and collaborate has too. Want to find out how you can easily connect remote and on-site employees in hybrid meetings? ClickShare Conference brings BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) and the simplicity of wireless for more effective, engaging video calls in your company.

  • Link up with colleagues in a matter of seconds
  • Use your preferred UC solution (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex...)
  • Benefit from the AV setup of the meeting room you are in
  • Create an immersive meeting experience hosting the perfect conference from your laptop


We have just what your business needs, let’s talk!

Register for one of the ClickShare Conference live demo sessions for EMEA customers each Wednesday.


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