Aug 06, 2020

How Overture and ServiceNow deliver an End-to End supervision over your Meeting Spaces.

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Centrally managing the health of hundreds of meetings spaces combined with thousands of AV systems requires a solid instrument board. This 360° visibility is rarely achieved thru a single system but rather via a combination of different applications. AV Managers struggle to navigate through such disparate ecosystem. Managed Service Providers fail delivery on contractual Service Level Agreements.

At Barco we go beyond simply integrating systems. With Overture RMM we create a Single Pane of Glass that integrates an end-to end process.

Bi-directional integration with ServiceNow Incident and Case Management system.

Overture 4.6 is now fully integrated with ServiceNow ticketing system.

The new powerful RMM Alarm template can be associated with a ServiceNow service ticket. If critical device-based thresholds and conditions are reached, RMM triggers an alarm which automatically generates a corresponding ticket in ServiceNow. AV administrators and Managed Service Providers could highly benefit from the ticketing system workflow and team assignment to accelerate the issue resolution.

Feature description:

  • Data fields between RMM alarm and ServiceNow ticket can be mapped to have a both systems fully synched
  • Access directly the ServiceNow Ticket from a link in RMM
  • Follow up the ServiceNow ticket status progress with Overture RMM in a Single Pane of Glass
  • Automatically cancel the ticket from RMM if the issue is resolved
  • Automatically acknowledge the alarm in RMM if the ticket is resolved



Stay tuned, for further updates on:

  • Alarms and Ticketing Reporting!
  • More on Service desk Ticketing integration!


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