Aug 27, 2020

This was LAVNCH EMEA virtual conference 2020

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The first LAVNCH EMEA virtual conference was an exciting series of online keynotes, technical sessions and discussions on the future of AV and UCC. In case you missed the keynote from our own Barco workplace expert, Lieven Bertier, no worries, we noted down these key takeaways for you!

As Lieven Bertier, Barco’s keynote speaker on the conference’s UCC Day, expressed: “We are witnessing a workplace flashpoint, a critical moment in history that calls for action. Confronted with a new reality, companies and employees need to adopt to a hybrid work life, in which people come into the office some days and work remotely on other days.
As challenging as all this may seem, it is also an opportunity to reimagine the workplace, so it supports a greater work-life balance, without compromising on communication or collaboration.

While tech giants like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are fostering remote work until 2021 and beyond, companies like Goldman Sachs recognize the value of working onsite at the office. There is definitely a push-pull here, as employees are asking for more flexibility in where and how they work. Barco’s The Future of Meetings research study revealed that employees are also seeking smart technology that helps them collaborate. They have strong preferences on when, where and how they work — flexibility is extremely important to them.

Looking at the hybrid workplace, we must:
  • Reinvent the role of the meeting. Understand that technology at work and in meeting rooms is likely always going to be more sophisticated than technology at home.
  • Understand the vital role of the laptop. The laptop is the most critical piece of technology used by employees to get work done.
  • Aim for the agile workplace. Barco’s BYOM (bring your own meeting) theory recognizes the importance of flexibility for employees. Barco ClickShare Conference offers employees the freedom and flexibility they expect — deciding when, where and how they want to meet, connecting to meetings instantly.

Barco’s visualization and collaboration solutions can help you reimagine that new workplace, and enable your employees to work together more efficiently, share insights faster, and wow audiences with lasting impact.

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