Sep 17, 2020

Pulse 2.0. Five updates that have majorly improved the user experience of the projection software platform.

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Barco Pulse is a unique processing platform that’s integrated in all our newest projectors (e.g. UDX, UDM and F-series). With powerful 4K electronics, embedded control software and our low latency Single Step Processing technology, Barco Pulse is truly the beating heart of our projectors. Today, it’s time to release Pulse 2.0. What can you expect? A new improved consistent platform that’s even more easy to use and still delivers the same great projection performances from before.

  1. 2020 style
  2. If we’re being honest, the Pulse platform could use a 2020 makeover. The 2.0 version introduces new icons, new fonts and updated lay-outs. And the design upgrade of the projector menus doesn’t just look fresh, it is also a step-up in user-friendliness. The workflows haven’t changed, but the interface is even more intuitive and straightforward to make sure you find what you need just like that.

    In addition, the interface automatically rotates to ensure readability. No need for acrobatic manoeuvres to read the dashboard and adjust settings of upside-down ceiling projectors.

    And lastly, the user interface is now also touchscreen enabled. (But if you wish you can also still use the buttons on the projector, or the Barco Pulse remote control.)

  3. Test and go
  4. One of the major benefits of the Barco Pulse platform is its unified character and consistent user interface. 

    This makes it easier to work across the entire Barco projection portfolio – if you know one, you know them all – saving both time and resources. This 2.0 update increases the platform consistency by uniformizing the test patterns. A multi-projector set-up with different devices is now less complex, as each Pulse-based projector has the same test patterns available.

    And you also have the option to choose a default ‘best-of-type’ test pattern, pre-selected patterns that match the needs of different specific stages in the installation process. Quick set-up, quick test, quick go-live.

  5. Barco Insights
  6. With Pulse 2.0, the Barco Insights IoT platform has expanded. Previously only available for UDM projectors, UDX users are now also able to register to and benefit from the Barco Insights features enabling cloud-based data storage and remote monitoring for enhanced projector management.

    Pulse 2.0 enables you to have eyes and ears in the field, quicker and easier access to data to remotely monitor your fleet.

    - Gudrun Vandeginste, Quality Manager ProAV & Events at Barco

  7. Web Analyzer
  8. What’s more, the software also took a huge step towards a uniform Diagnostic Package and effective troubleshooting. The new Web Analyzer is an online tool that allows you to upload log files to the cloud which makes them easily accessible for your staff and the Barco helpdesk when needed. Eliminating the hassle with external storage devices and WeTransfer links, Web Analyzer enables efficient monitoring and quick root cause analysis. Additionally, the log files have also been revised – reducing the html codes - to make them more transparent and easier to understand.

  9. No longer lost in translation
  10. And last, but not least. To match the international environments in which the Barco projectors are used, we have translated the entire interface menu. English is no longer the only option, but the entire menu is now also available in a wide range of other languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


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Share your experiences and let us know what you want to see in the next update. Because there’s always room for improvement, and we’re always open for suggestions.

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