Oct 09, 2020

Business education: what are the deeper implications and potential of “going digital”?

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“What is becoming clearer every day is that online learning has an absolutely essential role to play in today’s education.” As Segment Marketing Director at Barco’s learning division, Ellen Van de Woestijne has seen the phenomenal growth of distance learning over the past few years. The next challenge is to see a phenomenal growth in quality.

Cover of Ambition magazine, "Going Digital, online education"

Van de Woestijne was one of a number of industry experts invited by Ambition magazine (published by the Association of MBAs) to discuss “Implementation, Impact and Assessment of Online Technology in Business Education” as part of a “Going Digital” edition. The discussions cover the practicalities of implementation. “In a digital mode, there are different ‘rules’ compared to on-campus teaching. But there are also great opportunities for supporting learners online [such as] flexibility, space and pace, and how analytics can support learning,” according to Ann Berit Swanberg of the BI Norwegian Business School. 

In this special edition, the experts address hot-button questions such as:

  • How can business schools encourage a change in faculty mindsets towards digital mindsets?
  • Can embarking on an online instruction journey help a faculty member’s all-round teaching ability?
  • How do you measure learner preferences in an online setting and how is this data used?
  • How can technology be used to inform online participants’ levels of engagement?
  • Should business schools focus on ways technology can complement face-to-face learning, or will the future demand that online programs replace in-person programs?

Other features in the issue cover building new strategies for business education, using the crisis to build a sustainable future, lifelong learning, and the value of an MBA in today’s environment. 

“Implementation, impact and assessment of online technology in business education” is published in the October edition of Ambition Magazine or can be read online here.

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