Nov 06, 2020

Barco’s ALL-IN Healthcare Event provides answers for the “New Now”

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Barco welcomed more than 300 partners online to connect with medical experts and discover new solutions for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and the hybrid workplace it has ushered in.

Barco is ALL IN

Barco’s ALL IN Healthcare Event was held on September 10 and welcomed more than 300 partners. It included a keynote speaker who discussed the changes to radiology and the need for remote solutions. It also hosted a roundtable discussion of medical experts, who discussed changes and innovations over the past six months. Attendees were then able to choose from numerous breakout sessions where they were introduced to the latest updates in technology, including two new advancements from Barco.


Keynote Speaker - Dr. Srini Tridandapani, PhD, MD, MBA

Dr. Tridandapani serves as a Professor of Radiology and Vice Chair for Imaging Informatics at University of Alabama at Birmingham. He is an experienced radiologist and electrical engineer with expertise in designing medical imaging systems to improve patient safety and healthcare quality. With more than 25 years of results-oriented roles, Dr. Tridandapani is also an entrepreneur commercializing academic innovations in imaging informatics.


Dr. Tridandapani walked attendees through general changes in the industry along with specific changes within the University of Alabama. He outlined the need for bringing remote radiology solutions to the table as a result of needing to provide seamless operation in the event of a calamity, in addition to the need to downsize their reading rooms for social distancing. He completed his presentation by outlining the tools and pathways to succeed in the new now through the categories of Engineering, Financial, and Human factors.


Healthcare Round Table

Attendees of the ALL IN Healthcare Virtual Event were treated to a healthcare round table moderated by Mike Sklar, Barco VP Healthcare Sales for the Americas. The panel discussed a number of pre-determined questions and then responded to inquiries provided by attendees. The panel included:


Dr. Srini Tridandapani, Phd. MD, MBA

Professor of Radiology and Vice Chair for Imaging Informatics at University of Alabama at Birmingham


Thomas A. Capone, CEO, NYDLA

New York Distance Learning Association services 46% of the $1.3T education market for technology-based learning systems


Dr. David Jose Sabbag, MD

Dr, Sabag is the Chief Radiologist for Sabbag Radiologost and Clinica Porto Azul and Clinical Caribe


Dr. Daly B. Avendaño MD, EBBI

Dr. Avendaño is a Breast Radiologist at TecSalud del Tecnológico de Monterrey


The panel covered a number of topics but focused quite directly on the emergence of telehealth throughout the coronavirus epidemic. Mr. Capone pointed out: “During pre-COVID-19, the world was changing anyway. The pandemic amplified and put everything into a time compressor. The great promise of telemedicine is coming to fruition. Now it seems that “distance education” has really just become “education.” And “e-Commerce” has become just “commerce,” and “telemedicine” is just “medicine” now.”


Breakout Sessions

The interactive breakout sessions were an opportunity for attendees to learn firsthand on updated Barco enterprise healthcare solutions as well as ask direct questions to technology experts. The topics fell into two categories. There was Healthcare Enterprise Visualization, which covered Diagnostic Displays, Meeting and Clinical Collaboration, and Surgical Integration. Additionally, there was Imaging, which included Home Reading, QAWeb Enterprise and What’s New in Barco. During the What’s New in Barco Breakout, Attendees were introduced to:


Demetra – A all-in-one skin imaging platform that will change the future of dermatology and dermascopy.


Synergi – A workflow and collaboration platform for Tumor Boards and other multi-disciplinary team meetings.


Healthcare and the New Now

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, frontline workers not only have to adapt the way they treat patients, but also the way they work with, and communicate with one another in order to effectively navigate the “new now” and stay healthy. Barco is committed to helping our healthcare partners navigate these waters and create new solutions based on the way they want to work. We will also continue to find new ways to communicate frontline insights and successful strategies from healthcare institutions, as well as safety, workflow, and financial guidance from industry experts. After all, we’re ALL IN this together.

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